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(If you're still down to follow my adventures, I'm very much alive on twitter, and insta MadamSteamfunk. not here tho.)

But I still enjoy coming back here to enjoy March 7th (the day this account was made, and I decided to be an artist for the rest of my life)

So far it's going pretty well. Here's my fav video created from year 6, a music video for my band:

I also dropped a single, Space Cats, on my soundcloud:…

Looking forward to future projects with more strangers and friends. It's gunna be a fun year.

Onto year seven!
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Five years done! Six's the new number to say!

I can say I've pursuing art for six years!

I can say I've been self-practicing and self-studying visual art as an ideal career field for six years.

And I've had so much progress!
I've freelanced as a graphic designer and film for my school.
I've interned at a museum as a media producer and theater technician
I shadow a commercial video production job next week!
I've gotten accepted into the CAMD @ Northeastern and UT's Radio, Television and Film program and await other college letters like w o w

Six years spent preparing for the four ahead. that's sick. we made it. I'm going to college.

Thats so freaking long.

This account is so old.

I have videos to edit.

I have a major to get and a career to start.

d o p e



This is my 5th year on dA.

My 5th year since starting the journey to a visual art career.

my art anniversary.

my visual birthday.

the day of change and flow.


I'm in Austin.

MSF seems to be a cool name to keep for another year.

Thanks, everyone.
- ♥ MSF


MSF by MadamSteamfunk

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Oh hey happy new year.


Zen Has No Business by MadamSteamfunk DOPE/PUNK by MadamSteamfunk
The Airbender by MadamSteamfunk Dream On // Project N.A.P by MadamSteamfunk
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And some had a fun time and got some good works out of it!
What an honor. So proud. (Honestly, This was a great way to open up to the teacher and class.)

All my fav TV shows are on again. (INCLUDING KORRA OH MY. I CAN TALK FOR DAYS ABOUT THIS.)
This is why my grades are crap.
Steven Universe is beyond amazing.
I'm liking the final season of Parenthood.
I began watching Korean dramas.
Oh and like Ghost Adventures premieres tonight I think.

I've given myself the extra permission to enjoy the production sides of these shows, especially in Korra and Steven Universe since so many of their background designers, storyboard artists, engineers, and composers are on tumblr and soundcloud.

I'm writing an English research paper on when street art/graffiti should be considered vandalism. We just finished a Southern Gothic unit, so we'll be moving on to reading Cather in the Rye. English got cool this year. (Cool teacher, too).

Those are some updates: This year is pretty good (besides my struggle in physics)
Cool things getting done.
Go check out the Tweeties/Tumblies/Instas if you're down.

Ima try to journal more.

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'Sup. Just thought I'd put in a little hello.


To be honest I'm freaking out that July's dead.
I have the biggest course-load yet to deal with this year.

But cooler art studio and guitar time.

And all this S

There's a mini fridge back in my room.
I named her something and there's like a bagel and a peanutbutter cup in there.

I'm still in love with Brody Dalle's track Underworld from her album (and the whole album too)
So in frustration of being in the presence of such badassery, I decided to learn all musical parts of the entire Distillers discography.
(well mainly to work again on standing and playing on the electric)
First few songs of the self-titled down. Guitar, bass, percussion, todo, vos.


Also I'm all over Netflix again!

And I saw some street art documentaries and would like to partake/experiment on actions involving stickers.

We Are Brainwashed by MadamSteamfunk Somewhere Around Massachusetts by MadamSteamfunk

Somerville Theater by MadamSteamfunk

Escaping Terror, 4PM by MadamSteamfunk

EDSC04306 by MadamSteamfunk

EDSC04208/Phones by MadamSteamfunk

Shut Up by MadamSteamfunk

I got darker from the stupid beach so art soonish yay.
Back into my shopping cart I go!
Ciao, Y'all.

Boston / Worcester / Rhode Island was beautiful. I visited amazing schools.

Anywho back to work.
I'm almost through with school!

I have things to work on!

I'm going to Boston!


It's been over a month since a journal. Woo.
It's just everytime I want to sit and update, I realize how little I feel like talking and just carrying on, ya know?
But it's okay. I'm already into this.

So a thing happened a few days back that sucks and is a little weird to get through.

Two amazing people, who are and will always be such a major factor at why I do what I do, have called off their partnership. And are separating. And moving on. And it sucks.

And my heart felt horrible at first. But although I've never met them and most likely never will, I'll always love them and never stop appreciating what they've done for me and many of my online friends. I wish nothing but the best for them and will always give my absolute support on their ever evolving journeys. :peace:

They've single handedly introduced me to the new media world, and now I look at schools for video production, and have three design projects to finish up this month, and I have a sponsored tour through private unis in the east because people have noticed a passion of mine that I have thanks to these two.

Some of my first projects were inspired by these two goofballs, and they won't be the last. I'm glad to see they're happy, and I wish them the best.

 tumblr m0kuqdmMfE1r4s8nzo1 250 by MadamSteamfunkE46e1c6d3ebd5f6ffc97a0d4994d0182-d4jw48v by MadamSteamfunk

Other things I get to do this week include playing bass for my classical guitar ensemble.
But I'm also doing a solo on guitar for the second-to-last song. Yikes.
I love playing and this totally re-enforces my dedication. I only look to forward to even more funner years and meeting more musicians.

Which btw, Ibanez has an acoustic/electric thing I want:
PCBE12MH OPN 1P 01 Tilt-Side by MadamSteamfunk My god it looks so pretty and resembles a lot to the AC240 I never got. *sigh*
Also, this tenor. Look and this tenor they have:
Did you see it? Cuz I want it.

Visual news: We did cyanotypes/alternative darkroom methods to print images. Super fun!
I also have to begin a surreal piece and a portfolio. Cool stuff ahead :)

The thing about the portfolio is I hope to start involving cinematic qualities into the photographic work to better keep close to the video production mediums, and have it as a transition into next year for schools, etc.

Once she approves the subject material it should all be in my hands.

Let's make some actual art!

HEY DUDES! I just woke up from a nap but today's still March 7th, 2014!

Thank you so much for being a place to mark three years on!

Now we start year four of PHS!
Year four of my art career!
So many things to do!

Three years ago I went home incredibly disaffected from school and sad about the declining art department. I took it upon myself to stat learning advanced design, illustration, digital art, and now photography and video production.

Here are some beauties from this year:

Blind Hand I by MadamSteamfunk SPACE LIFE 024: GLAUCOMA by MadamSteamfunk  JUMP! by MadamSteamfunk 
Sin Zapatos by MadamSteamfunk Syrup City by MadamSteamfunk
MOTION STUDY 006 by MadamSteamfunk Process of my Internal Energy by MadamSteamfunk
PARKS by MadamSteamfunk MONKEYS by MadamSteamfunk
BENDING by MadamSteamfunk STIII by MadamSteamfunk

Punky Heart Studios by MadamSteamfunk

My bedroom became a studio to come home to every day to focus on just learning and creating. I'm now a photography student in an amazing art department at a different school, and plan to start a video production portfolio next fall. I'm in another program that helps me get full rides into elite/private universities in the US, and I've transitioned from band to classical guitars and bass studies.

All I wanted to say was thanks for being a great community filled with inspirational artists, articles, and groups! I'm constantly looking to learn and practice just to upload to this gallery to make it truly reflect me, and I don't plan to stop.

M. STEAMFUNK by MadamSteamfunk

It's going to be a great year four!
Love and things!
So I switched the dA from mndi to Madam Steamfunk even though I could've waited until we started year IV on deviantart on March 7th!
But I didn't. I genuinely like having premium just for the Twitter widget.

This dA of course, was originally Punky Heart Studios
And it still is! It's what I call my house!

It's where my art is made!
It's where I write my jams!
And spread my music!

I don't really have words to explain the new name. It does however give me jazzy characteristics I really appreciate.

I don't think I ever really explained mndi.
Whatever. I'm here to make art, so let's see if this sticks!

I've had amazing opportunities over the years and look forward to many many more.
I've learned a ridiculous amount and can't wait to take up other fun stuff and things.

Tomorrow I'll actually be at a photojournalism gallery reception. Tuesday I play for Italians.

I'm sorry if I can't get much art out at the moment. I'm slowly getting programs and files back. We'll get there!

Thank you for the film recommendations, thank you for being an amazing community, and thank you for being my home to go to learn to be a stronger artist. Cheers to year 4!

G3828 by MadamSteamfunk

Because my laptop broke.

So for the past two weeks now I've been back and forth between two other laptops that I have no right to put my programs back onto. It's been quite horrible.
To be fair, the studio was made on that thing well over three (almost four! ♥) years ago. For quite the cheapie, It had to go.
It had, um. an accident.

My brother got a new laptop, so I got his old one and switched in my hard drive, backed up some files, reformatted it, and slowly started on the steps ahead to get this back to normal. Slow, 2GB RAM normal.
I hate that thing. I'm typing this journal/have been using a school laptop we get to take to and back. A new one, but I can't launch any programs, portable or not, into this baby. Literally, it's quite a shame they don't trust me.
So all his means is I better get started on my resume and gather up a PC fund by the end of the school year. I'll be able to run some stuff on the craptop, and I'll be doing most of my post work in class from now on, but this one will probably get the most use on the daily.

I'll start applying around Friday.
This isn't a sad journal, I'm actually really excited to save up for a nice tower by May! At this point, a PC that can actually render will be really good for me.
Also fuck yeah a job that'll give me minimum wage. I have lots of things I could start saving up for after the PC fund's met.


    journal later on things i like but I have a chem thing to go do now so bye bye.

G3828 by MadamSteamfunk


School keeps cancelling because no one knows how to drive on icy roads. 
We only know how to drive into hurricanes and floods.

It hasn't snowed in years. I want snow.
I thought it would since our winter's been pretty long.

I'm getting a hair cut later. My hair is a shame.
I've been shooting a lot more often with the needle that is my point and shoot because I'm constantly killing the battery on the DSLR and have to go to class to charge it up again. The point and shoot just fits in my pocket when I need it, and it's fun for street. Say no to hard drugs. Is art a hard drug?

I shot a shoot or two for portraits: Annie Leibovitz style. She's been an amazing portrait photographer to study, really inspirational stuff has been written and documented about her. Don't know when you'll see it, since I keep getting assigned a re-shoot for it.

The studio (room) went through some heavy cleaning in terms of furniture and things, so now there's more room for projects and work and breathing. Yay.
While cleaning out I also found an external hard drive that I'm sure I'll stat using to dump footage in for practicing shooting B-roll, color correction, and I guess just back to video making in general. More things to work for towards a portfolio. More yay.

In terms of my life, stuff's getting better.
Re-realizing I'm an individual bonded to the arts, and what it can do for me as a career path. 
I'm tired of wasting my life thinking I'm wasting my life. I'm being myself, and I don't want it any other way.
I know I'm willing to enter any profession as long as my hearts in it, and I get to help others out.
I'd still really like to go out of state for video production. I'll work towards that.
I'll put a little faith in myself.

I'm looking forward to year four of PHS! Year four on dA! I'm very excited for things in February, March, and up to a thing or two in June.
Things are happening! Now lets go make art!
(And let's bring back some logos?)

love and shit,
Icon 2 by MadamSteamfunk

"Never look back unless you are planning to go that way." 
-Henry David Thoreau

The thing I interviewed for.
I got in. And I'm in it with two of my good friends. :la:
I waited to hear back just to make this damn journal. So here I am. heygurlhey.
In the program, late-twenty peeps (grads of elite and ivy schools/education & social inequality scholars) 
take undeserved yet potential students,
and mentor/support/share tips and tricks into getting into elite, yet need-blind universities in the US.
Super grateful and excited about this and realize this is my one way ticket out of state for a career/life.

My grades were pretty awesome this semester, but I need to try a little more on history (fuck that).
Still, Mandi gets many treats and rewards for not cutting a bitch under all this stress.

This winter break, all I have to do is an on-going shoot for a design element, and a UIL guitar piece.
It makes me really happy that all I have to do is art. It's like really fun hard work.
I love it so sooooo much, I've really been just writing and composing things for myself. :la::la::la:
And I don't suck total shit at photog anymore....! :D

My birthday's tomorrow, the 23rd. Because we don't give fucks about traditions, I picked out sweet new combats, a new messenger bag, and my cake yesterday. Fuck yes.

The shoes had to be wrapped and I couldn't wear 'em out, though. :grump:

Have you checked out the motion study shoot? It's one of my faves so far.

MOTION STUDY 001 by MadamSteamfunk

It consists of multiple shutter speeds, and bro drumming along to Buddy Rich on the shit-kit.

MOTION STUDY 002 by MadamSteamfunkMOTION STUDY 003 by MadamSteamfunk

MOTION STUDY 004 by MadamSteamfunk

Future uploads will have more fabulous fisheye rather than the crappy kit lens, so that's good.

My 3 year dAnniversary is in three months!
I've taken the name Madam Steamfunk on all the things.
I  personally like it.
I hope you do too. I'm waiting around for Premium to finish it off here.
My studio/home will always be Punky Heart Studios.
So sorry if the constant name change is bugging.
Just waiting for something to stick.
But it's fine your fine I'm fine we're fine aight.

I've also been thinking how the hell I can continue the SPACE LIFE and WIGGLE/GLITCH series.
Without failing and feeling redundant and unworthy.
Need ideas. Hmmmm.

-mndi (just mandi now? hell no!) ♥


My photog teacher hooked me up with the sickest fisheye.
Googled it and realized it's worth more than all of my possessions combined.

Very grateful. I just asked her if she ever did work with fisheyes, and she was like sure manda you'll get it monday.
I made the weirdest face and just went with it haha.
When the weather gets not nasty, I'll be able to do more with it.
But I'm already incorporating it into assignments. :))

And if you follow me on the tweety MadamSteamfunk, you can see me messing around with it more. :)

Remember when I was like WHAT UP WITH BUSINESS-CASUAL?
For this program that helped people such as myself to get full ride gigs into ivy schools.
It went great!
I was so nervous!
But it went great!
I had to share something about myself.
So I did a five min thing on the passion that is video production.
To be followed by ten mins of questions.
My odds are good, and I'll know if I'm in this program in less than a month.

Every black friday I get ear-gear from King's Body Jewelry.
Cuz he puts on a sale.
So yay. Need new stuff.
Still not sizing up this year.
I've been at 6g for over a year now.
That's tiny. I know.
But I want steel pinchers and glass spirals.
treat yo self.

Reform by MadamSteamfunk H1 by MadamSteamfunk
BEHIND A GAS STATION by MadamSteamfunk CLOSED by MadamSteamfunk

Hope you all have some tea to deal with the dropping temps.

So guys, it turns out I do in fact have to write time limited speeches in life.

So I'll be presenting a five min thing about myself in front of adults.
Because I have an opportunity to get full-rides to magical ivy league gigs.

omg you guys Buffer Festival

I need to upload stuff.

  • Watching: SNL
  • Drinking: water

Science. Science is pretty cool. Writing up my lab report right now.

And this season of Walking dead. It's going pretty good in my opinion. (no spoilers) But I teared up at the lil piggies. I think that was the second time I've ever cried for that show.

MEANWHILE I CRIED FOR THE 20TH SOMETHING TIME FOR PARENTHOOD. Very good season! I really wouldn't have minded the show wrapping up last season, but this season really adds a nice chapter. I enjoy looking forward to getting pissed at the writers for whatever they do to my peeps.

I'm so chill, ya guys. I hope you notice how well the art's a' comin' along.

Like these barn shots. They're slowly being edited and uploaded. They'll be more!

Plain by MadamSteamfunk A Lack of Society by MadamSteamfunk

And I miss videomaking. Like a lot. My laptop's turned to shit, and can't process to 1080p in vegas like it could.

Home by MadamSteamfunk MOUTHWASH by MadamSteamfunk
The camera I use for class lacks a video function. Sweating a little... 
I do have the point and shoot tho. She shoots the 1080p. 
Laptop's about three years old, I'm allowed to hate it.

Street shots. I'll get em here soon. Here's a great one that didn't make it.

Syrup City by MadamSteamfunk

And yey for spontaneous shots!

Sunday Mourning II by MadamSteamfunk STIR by MadamSteamfunk

I REALLY gota go finish my lab report! I'll share some faves later!

I gota go workout to walking dead!
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  • Drinking: WATER
I'm glad I can finally have you again.


Welcome to PHS III. We're over six months into the third year here, and I'm still going super strong.

Other old things:

In 15 days, I'll be able to say I've been watching CTFxC for 1,000 days. I can only name mundane things I still do since 1,000 days ago, and this is way different. Charles Trippy is now recovering from his second brain surgery, which affected his left motor skills. Today he was emitted, and he and Alli still haven't stopped vlogging since they began 5 years ago. 

My online presence, my cleared up interest to get into visual arts, and my many future inspirations stemmed from these two and other YouTubers that I began to quickly admire for their creative skills with cameras and/or their comedy and several-minute perspectives of life they have offered me when I got tired of looking through mine. All of it was unintentional, and I find so much comfort in that sort of stuff.

I guess for someone who's hated the concept of time, the physical and mental aging of something regardless of it is beautiful.

  Our Trippy Wedding Movie Poster by MadamSteamfunk

Cheers to the old skool, yo. I've come quite a long way, but I'm pretty sure I've barely moved a fraction of how far I'll go.

I found a Bunny by MadamSteamfunk   A Bunny Found Me by MadamSteamfunk    Roadtripsaur by MadamSteamfunk IT'S CALLED MUSIC by MadamSteamfunk

PHS Logo 1.1 by MadamSteamfunk PHS logo 1 by MadamSteamfunk  Bye by MadamSteamfunk  A Christmas logo by MadamSteamfunk 3 DAYS by MadamSteamfunk

OH NO THE FLASH by MadamSteamfunk HELLO EQUINOX by MadamSteamfunk Tails by MadamSteamfunk


Math is hard. But instead of giving up, Ima drop a level down and work hard towards other shit in my studies that can pay off. :)

Some urban shots...

Munich Streets 2 by BranimirGraduate by VermontsterCourt Square by Vermontster

Exchange Lane by MegalithicmattStreet - newspaper by wewe18

I went thrifting with my friend to show him the ropes:

Embedded image permalink
We stole the sign that says to put things back where they came from.

"Thank you FOR you'r EDUCATION."

While he twerked for Jesus we got some Ts, a crochet rasta pillow, Homer Simpson, a shot glass the size of Homer, mugs, and their sign.

We're gunna do this more often. This was $7.09 and we burned so much school stress. 10/10 will do again.

In about three weeks my street photography project will be done and I'll know what I can and wanna share from it. We're doing a project with Museum of Fine Arts Houston and another with the Houston Chronicle so I'll keep you posted! The street stuff I've been posting either never made the contact sheets or I just really liked em. Really getting better.

mndi by MadamSteamfunkWIRELESS by MadamSteamfunkStreetbike Ernesto by MadamSteamfunk

I've been trying to find more ways and time to doodle. I basically am never given traditional prompts to achieve, but I have a few leftover sketchbooks that need art in them! Journal doodling is one thing, but I wanna get into my 9x12s again.

So here are some wonderful doodles and/or series doodles from my faves,

a very slow day at work by HiddenStashboop boop by HJeojeoPumprs Tumblrs by NiddehYour Daily Mun 221: Death metal by JompieTodd Removed From Reality by ManomatulY is for Yessy who fell from a plane by LookAliveZombieUndead Bog Bodies 2 by Barukurii

What up with all the features? They're awesome and visually pleasing and worth sharing.